InfoTap Education is a growing collection of resources to support excellence in Education data. Our intention is to bring rigour and structure to bear on the use of Education data wherever it can shed light on learning and improvement. We intend to deliver truly open Education data, correctly normalised against modern international standards.

As part of our effort we will continue to press for clarity and transparency from Government to ensure that their data and their use of data are held to account. Where we find gaps or inconsistencies we will address them and publish our findings and any adjustments that we think can help the sector.

We also think that we can help parents tread through this difficult territory by simplifying the way that comparative data about schools is presented.

Take a look through our offer: if there is anything you would like us to address – tell us.

Compare school and college performance, by GOV.UK

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School Performance Tables, by SDA

Software for Data Analysis produced the first School Performance Tables in 1993. We have produced them every subsequent year up to March 2016.

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